11/09/23 - 11/17/23

November 9th
Until November 17th

Praça do Município
Ilha da Madeira

Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5:30 pm


Adonis Galvão’s solo exhibition “Borogodó” will take place in the Funchal City Hall Atrium on November 9th. The opening is at 4:45 pm and has the support of the João Carlos Abreu Association.


The exhibition is a tribute to João Carlos Abreu and the Island's Tropicalist identity that blends with him.

Borogodó, etymologically without defined origin, perhaps indigenous Brazilian or African… the word is a popular expression in the Portuguese language in Brazil.
Extraordinary, unusual, it is attractive because it creates possibilities of perceptions that can only be defined subjectively as it is in the sensory field.
You know what it is, you feel it but you can't describe it. It’s “that something extra” that undoubtedly arouses a lot of interest.

And it was the borogodó of Madeira Island that sparked interest in the artist, a Portuguese-Brazilian who presents his solo exhibition with many local references.
Gradually realizing the identifications with his imagery universe, in addition to the evident presence of the flora of the Americas, it was in Culture that the signs are most evident, see Carnival, Flower Festival, public works of art, etc... that led him to discover that the Something else about the Island has a name and surname, João Carlos Abreu.
Illustrious figure, of the greatest importance in the Arts, Literature, Journalism, Politics and especially in Social Work from the perspective of Culture. Yes, he has and carries the “borogodó” in person and in everything he does.

Due to João Carlos' 88th birthday on December 5th, Adonis Galvão will present 16 works, in two parts, 8 by 8.
The series of Blackbirds is presented in paintings where the European bird moves between flowers and fruits from the Americas on geometric details of the facades of the houses present on the Island, also revealing a relationship with the artist's geometric works... These paintings are related to a project implemented by João Carlos when Secretary of Culture, “Yes, yes, no”, about good social practices of the population in relation to urban space and coexistence.

The new paintings created around João Carlos address Tropicalism, bananas and flowers. Adonis takes a peculiar look at the Island. Free from the geometry of the previous series, the paintings have a white background that refers to exhibition spaces, the interiors of houses, art institutions, power, etc… as a basis for receiving the overlap of colors and organic shapes.
There is a portrait of João Carlos Abreu, focusing on his enlightened personality, which highlights his dark skin and curly hair that he is proud of, his peculiar features, his generous hands and his humor. The wide wooden bench represents João Carlos' contemporary attitude towards all the actions he takes, inviting the individual, not just to observe, but to participate and thus promote transformative, collective actions. The painting portrays a João who always creates and recreates himself.

Through tireless research, “The Brazilian Painter”, also the name of one of the works, looks at the multiple visual references, their origins, how they are inserted, their intersections, their visibilities and how they help to compose the identity of Madeira Island . It's also about how he sees himself on the Island and how to create a possible narrative.